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Pida Ripley, Founder CombatAMR

Pida Ripley, Founder, explains why she Is a passionate RESISTANCE FIGHTER...

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is increasing at a frightening rate and is being described as a 'ticking time bomb' that poses an "apocalyptic" threat to public health. AMR  is one of the most serious and growing risks posed to human health and development worldwide. It is a global problem that must be tackled on a global basis as there is no safe harbour. If we fail to combat AMR it is predicted that by 2050, drug-resistant infections could kill more than 10 million people worldwide every year.  

Modern healthcare is reliant on the use of antibiotics for cancer treatments, operations and to prevent the most simple of infections from becoming fatal. During many years of involvement in the health sector as a ‘patient advocate’ and a governor of two world famous hospitals, I became seriously concerned about the increasing number of drug resistant infections. Having survived several life-threatening infections myself, I know how important it is to protect our arsenal of antibiotics. Everyone develops their own unique microbiome, composed of trillions of good microorganisms - so necessary to keep us alive - and we need to protect them too.

Today, despite decades of warnings to governments about the need to protect our miracle drugs, we are all standing on the threshold of a post-antibiotic age.  Belatedly action is being taken by governments and high level international collaboration is increasing - but what about you and me?  ‘We...the people’ need to know much more about this complex threat and what actions are being taken to protect us, our families, friends and communities. There is no simple solution to antimicrobial resistance however we all have a role to play in the fight back against this global threat to all our lives.

I created as my personal contribution in this emerging battle between life and sadly, for some, death.  The information provided is extensive, pulls no punches - but also provides hope. I believe the vision and brilliance of human ingenuity will lead eventually to new therapeutics and innovative developments BUT there may well be a lengthy period during which many patients will lose their battle against drug resistant infections. With YOUR support CombatAMR will help raise awareness of the dangerous developments as our ‘miracle’ drugs continue to lose their ability to combat increasingly resistant pathogenic bacteria - the superbugs. 

All of us have a role to play at all levels of society, as rich or poor, young or old,
we are all equally vulnerable.  We need to work together; we are all on the frontline in this battle.
For the sake of our children and future generations, we have to find a solution.

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Share  knowledge and understanding of AMR within families,
with friends and in communities;
Explain the need to conserve and steward the effectiveness of existing drugs; 
Encourage our governments to stimulate research and development initiatives,
secure diagnostic improvements and explore novel therapies together with
provision of appropriate funding;
Support the ‘One Health’ coordinated, collaborative, multidisciplinary and
cross-sectoral approach which recognizes that the health of humans, animals
and ecosystems are interconnected.
Promote World Hand Hygiene Day (5th May) to improve
and encourage effective hand hygiene and infection prevention
Support global campaigns to reduces antimicrobial resistance and prevent infections.


Still not convinced that you too have an important role to play? 

Please read
written by Daniel Evans, 19 January 2018

By Prof. Adam Roberts is Senior Lecturer in Molecular Microbiology at the
UCL Eastman Dental Institute, and Advisor to the Longitude Prize.


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